Hi, I am gui. I provide web design and development with a focus on great user-experience and design that delivers. I work with small businesses and individuals in Taiwan and around the world. Let’s discuss your ideas and see how I can help !

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Incubator for independent filmakers

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Nicolas Bonnet Editor

Parisian Video Editor

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Qadrati Consulting

Consultant based in Melbourne

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Glenferrie Sports Clinic

Sports clinic in Melbourne

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design websites that deliver

I provide modern, engaging and responsive web design using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to clients not only here in Taiwan but also all around the world. I build my website to run on WordPress, just because I believe it is the best and easiest Content Management System out there. From drafting to crafting, I focus on creating great user experience through websites that perform well, are search engines optimized and deliver the message.

following a mindful process

1. Brainstorming

It all starts here. My clients usually got a lot to say and I have a lot of question to ask. This is where the ideas are gathered in order to give the project the best start possible: by understanding it.

2. Crafting

Researching, drawing, gathering ideas, keep some and discard many, wire framing, drafting, erasing, photoshopping, proposing and finally agreeing on this awesome web design that is now ready to come to life.

3. Developing

Time to get nerdy. Now we have that fantastic design sorted, it’s time to translate the whole thing into beautiful, hand crafted website development made of a lovely bunch of angle-brackets and curly braces.

4. Finishing

Review time. The idea has been translated into a design which has been exported into a fully functional website that is now up and running. A last round of amends, fixing a couple of details and here we are, launched !

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